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Venture Solutions is a professional services consultancy founded by Stephan Lamprecht. It operates in two main divisions, being (1) innovation management and commercialisation, and (2) advisory services specific to occupational health & safety and environmental legal services. It is active in Sub-Sahara Africa.

View the recent results of VC and early stage deals done in South Africa, conducted by Venture Solutions.


Venture Solutions is the research partner to the Southern African Venture Capital Association (SAVCA) and conducts its annual survey of venture capital and early stage investment activity in Southern Africa.

More about Venture Solutions

Venture Solutions advise start-ups, corporations, research labs and innovation support entities in the management of innovation
and commercialisation. The focus is developing high-tech start-ups. Know-how and methodologies target commercialisation of
new technologies, leveraging intellectual assets for business profits, and structuring start-up businesses for sustainable growth.

The business operates in three key domains as well as the vital overlap and interplay between those domains, being
(i) advising corporations, established SMEs and public sector enterprises;
(ii) advising universities, research labs and science councils in the management of technology transfer; and
(iii) consulting to the start-up eco-system including business incubators, science parks, VC & Angel investors.



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