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More about Stephan J Lamprecht

Stephan J Lamprecht is an industrial engineer (BEng Industrial, University of Pretoria, Masters in Management, Wits University) with several years experience in working with entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate entities and funding instruments (venture capital and angel investors, development finance institutions). He has worked in several Sub-Sahara Africa countries including including South Africa and our immediate neigbours Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia Tanzania and Zambia, assignments in North Africa such as Algiera, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as international assignments in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the UAE.

He is a regular contributor to the business and development fraternity in Sub-Sahara Africa, both as a professional facilitator and management consultant. He frequently contributes to the discourse on innovation and socio-economic development through articles in major newspapers, conducting television and radio interviews, and speaking engagements at local and international business conferences, successfully cementing his reputation as a thought-leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and the role of high-growth entrepreneurship in local economic development.


Through his network of associates, Stephan brings a wealth of experience, subject matter expertise and energy to any assignment. Stephan formerly ran the Technology Top 100 Awards Programme – at the time SA’s premier business excellence awards programme celebrating innovation – and was mandated to do so by the South African Department of Science and Technology.  In an effort to create more awareness of the business of innovation and the important of managing intellectual assets, Stephan hosted interviews with various IP practitioners, business leaders and high-tech entrepreneurs about their experience in managing IP. This entailed roughly 40 episodes for the Summit TV television channel and is available for download online.



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