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Facilitator assignments

  • Facilitated the National Stakeholder Forum annual meeting of the Construction Industry Development Board.
  • Strategy review and update for the Stellenbosch University LaunchLab technology incubator.
  • Facilitating a strategy review and alignment workshop involving the Board and Management of the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Executive strategy review, member survey and definition of new Key Strategic Objectives for the Association
    of South African Quantity Surveyors.
  • Team building and breakaway workshop to address team cohesion and alignment in the Pirtek franchise network.
  • Change the capitalisation (to lower case) on the bullet on Special Economic Zones: “… and inputs TO THE Special
  • Facilitating the annual marketing conference of South African Airways (SAA) with the purpose of reviewing research on customer satisfaction and global ratings, validating executive strategy, and sharing best-practice between team members.
  • Vumela Fund trustee management meeting.
  • Stakeholder engagement for Innovate Durban programme.
  • Internal needs assessment and alignment at CSIR Meraka.
  • Facilitating inputs to, and definition of SA Venture Capital eco system.
  • Collaboration and community building to implement a start-up co-creation hub in Johannesburg (JoziHub).
  • Facilitating entrepreneur-development and training in Tunisia.
  • Identifying stakeholder needs and inputs TO THE Special Economic Zone intervention in Gauteng.
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development programmes and projects for various Development Finance Institutions (DFAs) and Foreign Government Aid programmes.
  • Needs definition and programme design for various DFI interventions across Sub-Sahara Africa.
  • Community stakeholder engagement and information gathering for setting up regional startup support platforms
    in Africa and the
    Middle-East on behalf of BlackBerry.
  • SiMODiSA thought-leader workshop on enhancing the impact of the private sector on commercialising high-tech products
    from South African start-ups.



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